French Infantry for the 1799 Project – Wargames Journal

After a heavy dose of paint of 25 mm figures in 2017, the new year begins with figures of the smallest variety. That is, Napoleonic 18 mm for the project of 1799. As one of my goals for 2018 included getting more 15 on the painting desk, I start the year on the right foot.

wargames journal

Outside the painting desk there are two battalions of 13 figures of the primitive French infantry. The figures are from Campaign Game Miniatures outside of Spain with the exception of mounted officers who are from AB Miniatures. Grenadiers wear bear skins while everyone else is in bicorne. I really like the look of French at Bicorne!

Among other items at work on the painting desk, two other French battalions are winding up their production line. It will be a week before the second group of two battalions emerges. Several units for other projects are online in the photo booth first.