Tại sao bạn nên xem kết quả tỉ số bóng đá tại 7m

Tại sao bạn nên xem kết quả tỉ số bóng đá tại 7m? Bởi ở đây, chúng tôi luôn đưa ra những nhận định và dự đoán tỉ số chính xác lên tới 75%. Con số này được kiểm nghiệm qua rất nhiều trận đấu.


7m.cn là gì?

7m.cn có nguồn gốc từ Trung Quốc, được đánh giá là website cập nhật tỷ số, KQBD nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Hiện nay, 7m là địa chỉ được dân cá độ chuyên nghiệp tin tưởng, tham khảo để đưa ra lựa chọn đặt cược của mình. Tại 7m, tất cả thông tin được thống kê rất chi tiết. Từ  lịch sữ đối đầu của 2 đội, phong độ, lịch đấu kế tiếp của mỗi đội bóng tới đội hình ra sân. Dựa vào những thông số này các bạn có thể dễ dàng dự đoán được kết quả mà mình muốn quan tâm.

Công nghệ tại 7m

Tại 7m, những công nghệ được dùng luôn là tối ưu và hiện đại nhất:

  • Hệ thống Sever và đường truyền cực lớn
  • Công nghệ lập trình tiên tiến, tối ưu
  • Hệ thống nhân lực lớn

Chính bởi những yếu tố này tạo lên tốc độ cực cao – điểm mạnh của 7m

Điểm mạnh của 7m.cn

Để có được vị thế top đầu như bây giờ, chắc hẳn 7m phải có những điểm mạnh nổi bật. Đó là:

  • Giao diện thân thiện , dễ dùng , tốc độ tải trang cực nhanh
  • Thông tin được thống kê một cách chi tiết , chính xác
  • Giao diện hỗ trợ đa ngôn ngữ

Nhận định của các chuyên gia

Giới chuyên gia đánh giá rất cao 7m.cn. Bởi 7m có hệ thống nhận lực và công nghệ hiện đại. Đội ngũ phân tích có tuổi đời kinh nghiệm. Chính vì vậy, những bài phân tích, dự đoán tỉ số, kèo bóng đá đạt tỷ lệ chính xác vô cùng cao.


Four reasons that you should not miss Malaysia online casino

Malaysia’s casinos have attracted many players in the world for a long time, especially rich players who have endless passion for gambling. So if you are not a rich player, have solutions that can help you if you also want to participate in casino games? If you’re wondering and finding out a solution, I’ll give you a hint, it is Malaysia online casino. With Malaysia online casino, you do not need too much money you can still participate in online casino games comfortably and have many chances to become the winner of big rewards.


About Malaysia online casino

Malaysia online casino is the common name of more than one hundred and fifty great online casinos which are introduced and provided by the leading software companies in the world. With Malaysia online casino, you don’t need to spend much time and money to get to the luxury casino, you just stay at your home, and you can still play gambling at the quality casino which has interfaces, air and awards like in the real casino. So, if you are still in doubt, you should read four reasons that I will list below, you will surely be convinced.

Four reasons why you should not miss Malaysia online casino

The first reason, these games of Malaysia online casino are safe online casino. In the world of online game, you can easily select and participate in any online game, however, in order to choose the safe game which will never cheat you. It is a difficult problem. If you choose Malaysia online casino, you will have the opportunity to choose one of more than a hundred and fifty safe online casinos which are not only monitored by the government closely, but also are tested carefully by the prestigious organizations. You can completely trust in Malaysia online casino.

The second reason, with Malaysia online casino, you can easily participate in many game genres from online casino games, gambling games to betting games. You will be immersed and experienced the online games which are designed in a similar way as in the real casinos on the interface, graphics and symbols. Come to Malaysia online casino, you will be experienced the most authentic experience.

The third reason is the great prizes. Whether you play any category, then your goal is still the prize. Coming to Malaysia online casino, you can be assured of this. Although the games of Malaysia online casino is the online casino games, so if you participate in it effectively, you still have the opportunity to own the valuable prizes and earn great income for yourself.

The last reason, now with Malaysia online casino, you do not need to be a rich man, you just need a bit of spare time and a little money and you can fully participate in the luxury games, and become a great winner.

In short

If you are not a wealthy and have powerful passion for casino games, Malaysia online casino is exactly for you. So, do not doubt, start as soon as possible, it will definitely make you happy.

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Great blue – excellent product of the Playtech that you should not miss

In case you’re feeling stress after persevering days, on the off chance that you feel you require an appropriate answer for unwind and engage in the unforgiving summer, in case you’re searching for a diversion which will help you decrease push, I will acquaint you with an awesome amusement that is extraordinary blue. Great blue is an incredible wagering diversion for your late spring, and it is a wagering amusement with cool sea topic. I ensure when you pick awesome blue to engage, you will feel loose promptly. Things being what they are, how to participate in awesome blue successfully, unwind, engage and turn into a victor with extraordinary prizes?


Something you ought to know obviously about awesome blue

Great Blue is an incredible result of the Playtech – a creator of a progression of normal amusements, which are greatly adored and it has 5 reels and 25 payline video spaces. When you participate in this wagering diversion, you will be shocked by the novelty of it, it is a wagering amusement with sea subject, you may experience the components of the customary wagering diversion as the elements, the catches, yet all the rest of the components are totally new, and they are intended to the topic of the sea. When you begin this amusement, you will experience numerous charming images which are composed like the marine life, besides, both the music and shading in this diversion are exceptionally tender and cool, I’m certain you will be happy with it. What’s more, the quality and the security of awesome blue are checked precisely by prestigious associations on the planet, so you can appreciate this diversion serenely.

The most effective method to participate in extraordinary blue adequately

To have the capacity to take an interest in this wagering diversion successfully and increment your odds of turning into a victor, initially, you should find out about it expressly. All data about amusements from diversion rules, amusement highlights, amusement images and amusement reward to how to wager, you have to study and know obviously, this is the best path for you to participate in this amusement adequately and respond to every single unforeseen circumstance which dependably exist and show up whenever of the recreations of shot.

Furthermore, ensure you attempt to play awesome blue before you put your cash into it formally. Every supplier will give players the trial which they can partake in uninhibitedly. This is a decent open door for you to get used to this amusement and have a target see on it. Thus, you ought to take an interest in the trial, it is vital.

The last, awesome blue is an extraordinary amusement which gives you the chance to end up a victor, yet in any case, it is additionally a session of shot, so you ought not hazard and wager your whole cash. Due to in an unfortunate minute, in the event that you lose a bet, you may lose all.

In general

Incredible blue is an awesome wagering amusement which is pulling in a ton of players around the globe. What’s more, it is a cool diversion that should attempt in this hot summer. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? How about we select awesome blue and appreciate now.

A lots fun and amazing prizes are waiting you to explore with casino online Malaysia

If you are a huge lover of betting game, it is not wrong as I say, casino online Malaysia will be the most reasonable option for you. Today, in the gambling world, casino online Malaysia becomes one of the most famous systems which provides many surprising online casinos for many gamers in the world especially those who like the betting genre. Furthermore, it is a collection of more than 300 online casinos which are offered by many different software corporations in the world, so with casino online Malaysia, you can freely select for yourself any casino and join if you want. I think it is a surprising choice that you should not miss in this season.


What is casino online Malaysia?

Like I said above, casino online Malaysia is a collection of over 300 surprising online casino which come from the most software corporation in the world. You can be assured about Malaysia’s online casinos since all of them are the most famous casinos which are checked in all aspect for the quality, the safety, the realiability and the fairness by the testing organizations in the world before providing for players. Hence, with casino online Malaysia, you do not need to worry about anything like being trick. It will bring you the most authentic betting experience, the interesting moments and the opportunity to win the valuable prizes.

Conditions to participate in casino online Malaysia

All people who are more than 18 years old can sign up online casino sites in Malaysia simply. Nonetheless, there are some casino sites require you have to be non-Muslims.

Why you should select casino online Malaysia instead of other options?

It is not natural, I introduce to you about casino online Malaysia, it is a great option to relax and have fun with many great factors.

Firtly, casino online Malaysia accepts various forms of payment strategies

To bring the most convenience to players all over the world as they sign up on Malaysia’s online casinos, it accepts various forms of payment methods. Hence, most of common methods like VIP, VVIP, money, PayPal…will be accepted in casino online Malaysia.

Secondly, casino online Malaysia brings you the opportunity to enjoy many sorts of betting

Come to casino online Malaysia, you can comfortably choose for yourself one in the most surprising online casinos of Malaysia in many sorts such as such as table casino games, sports gambling, slot machines, horse racing… to enjoy, relax, and have fun anytime you want with your networked mobile phone.

Thirdly, casino online Malaysia bring you the opportunity to get rich quickly

With casino online Malaysia, if you participate in effectively and reasonably, you can become a winner and win the surprising prizes which have similar values to prizes of the costly casinos. Now, joining casino and becoming rich become simply with casino online Malaysia.

Casino credit

Similar to a mortgage or a car loan, the casino gives you money and expects it to be returned to you within a specific period of time. It is common for the casino to examine both your bank account and your credit history to determine if you are a suitable candidate.


Opening a line of credit with a casino has several advantages. The following are some of the most notable examples:
If you take a marker and lose, some casinos offer a discount on the amount you owe (10% is common).
If you use the same bank account to open credit lines in multiple casinos, you can take advantage of all at the same time.
Casino credit prevents you from having to travel with large amounts of cash.
Casinos do not charge interest for the money they lend to you.
A line of credit allows a player to avoid receiving cash from an ATM. This is especially useful since most banks charge fees for withdrawals at ATMs and have current daily limits.

A lot of fun and many opportunities to get more and more money are waiting for you, let’s participate in casino online Malaysia and explore them, I think you will be satisfied. Welcome!

Dolphin Slots Guideline

Public by Novomatic, Dolphin slot brings you to the center of the deep blue sea. Dolphin slot of online gambling Malaysia is considered as one of the most well-known submarine themed slots with fascinating sounds and cool graphics along with several pleasant surprises. During this oceanic adventure of Dolphin slot with 5 reels and 9 pay-lines, players will see a number of underwater creatures; however, the things that you will discover are the dolphin and its magic oyster hiding the pearl inside. If you find it is not attracting enough, you can watch the free spin feature.

How to Play Dolphin slot

Before launching Dolphin slot of slot machine Malaysia, players are required to fix the desired number of pay-lines as well as the coin value. The coin denomination ranges between $0.05 and $10 and you can determine the preferred amount by pressing + and – icons. The Dolphin slot in casino online Malaysia is experienced at 9 flexible pay-lines and gamers need the minimum of three matching symbols from left to right. While being triggered, the auto-play button is activate until you stop it. After each win, you can gamble the prize choosing a red or black card. The odds of winning are 50-50 to double your win or to lose all the payout. Afterward, You can hit autoplay or start button in order to launch the game,


Betting Options and Payout

You can set the wager for Dolphin slot from $0.05 up to $10 per line, meaning that the minimum stake when all the lines are active is $0.45 and the maximum stake is $90. The max jackpot of Dolphin slot is 81,000 coins and it is rewarded once you obtain 5 dolphins on the reels with all the lines active. The focal point of the Dolphin slot in Casino Online Malaysia is the multiplier feature since you can double or triple your award with the wild symbol or during the free spin feature, respectively.

Symbols and Extra Features

It is common for us that dolphins are friendly creatures. That is the reason why Dolphin Slot is evaluated as one of the most popular online gambling Malaysia. The wild is shown by the dolphin while the oyster with a pearl serves as the scatter symbol. Except from those mentioned, the other symbols are performed by the lobster, the stingray, the fish and the seahorse. The wild replaces all the icons apart from the scatter and finish the winning combinations multiplying all the wins by two. Two scatters multiply your wager x2 while three of them bring you 15 free spins. In addition, all the wins during the free spin feature are multiplied by 3. Moreover, during the free spins, you are able to get even more free rounds when the oysters with a pearl achieving your reels. You might find yourself praying the machine to stop it because every time three oysters occur on the reels you are rewarded with additional 15 free spins.

Our Verdict

When you have 3 oysters anywhere on the reels, you can dramatically increase your credit playing this online gambling Malaysia. Although the graphics of Dolphin slot are simple, the music and the sound effects are not really creative, the good old dolphin and its pearl will not make you disappointed.

Most Played Video Slots

When you first change from playing 3 reel openings to video spaces you will soon find they offer a totally unique playing style and on account of components, for example, extra recreations, free turn rounds, Great Blue vivified reel images and tested sounds they are extremely player amicable.

With many diverse video spaces accessible to play you will have a ton of fun and recreations attempting them hard and fast, beneath we have highlighted a couple of the most played video openings, look at them as they are exceptionally playable and offer a lot of opening turning activity.

Most Popular Video Slots

Dino Might Slot Game Dragon’s Loot Slot Game

These dinosaurs are concealing a powerful stash of money and it could all be yours on the off chance that you turn the reels appropriate in this energizing 5 reel opening. You require a touch of Dino Might to help you along in this amusement, however there’s nothing to overwhelm here, only a tropical fortune trove to be found among the ancient vegetation.


Do you have what it takes to be a compelling monster slayer? There’s a winged brute abroad in the land and no one but you can vanquish him in this 5 reel opening. Kill the layered animal and there’s a prize holding up, the Dragon’s Loot could all be yours.

To begin with Past The Post Slot Game Flight Zone Slot Game

The caps are enormous, the champagne is popping and the chances are climbing. Everybody is trusting that their stallion will be First Past The Post in this energizing 5 reel Great Blue opening. Will you race to the complete line and claim the big stake for your own?

Take to the skies in this exciting 5 reel space. Stealth aircraft, helicopters or stream contenders, whatever you’re flying you’re entering the Flight Zone and your central goal is to bring home the big stake. The airplane are huge, however the prize is greater, recall the sky’s the utmost!

Blessing Rap Slot Game Harveys Slot Game

We should get those blessings and package them up. There’s wrapping to be done as such sing it up. The mythical beings are in order and teddy has the beat. This 5 reel Great Blue slot is a hip Christmas treat. Go play Gift Rap, win it huge, bring home the goods, and give a little dance.

Just the wealthiest can eat at Harveys, and there’s a table reserved for you in this gourmet 5 reel opening. The champagne is cooled, the escargots are stunning, the sweets delectable and the espresso are lavishly simmered. Sit down and turn the reels, a devour anticipates you.

Top 2 Treasure Slots to Play Online Casino

Most of slot addicted players would love to play and bet on Playtech gaming software as it has comprised of high quality of graphics, amazed big bonus round, simple to play without any difficulties and of course the clear soundtrack during enjoy in the exciting game experiences. One of the most favorite slot game online casinos would definitely list for great blue slot game and Highway King Slot game. However, if any players would like to try something new in form of treasure, there would be some Playtech slot game online casinos which are worth to bet for and they are illustrated in the below notes.


  • Wings of Gold Slot Game Online Casino: This 5 reels and 20 payline slot game would definitely bring the player to earn his or her wings and play for wins on this action-packed namely Wings of Gold. This slot game will take the player out from the underwater adventure like it would be in the great blue slot game and to explore in the skies and walk away with a massive cash prize in this soaring gaming adventure instead. To play this Wings of Gold Slot game, the player would be allowed to place a wager at the lowest of 0.20 up to 1.00 for each particular payline. Similarly to many slot games online casino which the player would be given the most profitability once he or she can bet for the maximum’s requirement. That means it is more expensive to play with a max wager on every payline and XtraWin activated as well. Alternatively, the player would be more pleasure as the game has allowed the player to earn the highest payout at USD 60,000 if he or she can hit a scatter.
  • Dessert Treasure II Slot Game Online Casino: One of the finest sequels supported by Playtech is in this Dessert Treasure II Slot game which is a 5-reel and 20 paylines of fruit machine. By the way, the free play version of this dessert treasure is not available for player to practice and try playing, it might be only one slot that exactly needs to play for real money. In order to beat this treasure slot game online, the player would need to gather the symbols from the left to the right for instance, A, J,K, Q,10 and a camel and so on to be rewarded a monumental jackpot at 10k multiplied by the Arab Character line bet. By which once the player can earn at least 5 of the Arabs on the active win bet, he or she can set up for an absolute windfall. On top of that, this dessert treasure II has also provided some healthy bonuses for player to enjoy more. For instance, if the player could line up 5 treasure hunters, then 10,000 coins would be rewarded to the player as the jackpot round.  On the other hands, if the player could not beat this dessert treasure slot game, he or she would be kept for coming back with the glitch-free gameplay or colorful characters and exotic Egyptian theme.


Untuk memperoleh ayam bangkok unggul kita perlu mengetahui keturunan dan juga asal usul induk. Lebih bagus jika induk berasal dari kalangan juara. Caranya yaitu dengan memilih induk lokal yang ada (bukan dari keturunan juara) yaitu dengan cara diadu induk betina dengan induk betina lalu perhatikan cara bertarungnya dan hasil yang bagus ialah leher dan kepala lawannya lebih banyak memar dan membengkak.

Begitu pula untuk induk ayam jantan diadu dulu lebih kurang 2 ronde dan perhatikan pola bertarungnya. Untuk hasil yang terbaik ialah induk jantan hanya melakukan pada pukulan kepala dan leher, pukulan seperti ini bisa mematahkan leher serta bisa membuat kepala lawan robek ataupun kepala lawannya memar dan membesar. Sesudah itu baru induk ayam dirawat untuk dilakukan perkawinan.

Ciri-ciri induk ayam betina yang bagus

  1. Kepala ayam seperti kepala ular, jika dilihat dari depan
  2. Matanya menjorok ke dalam, bersih, dan jernih
  3. Badannya jikadipegang seperti botol ataupun seperti batang pinang
  4. Kaki ayam kering dengan jari kaki halus serta panjang
  5. Tulang sapit udang yang lebar (tulang dibawah pangkal ekor) 3 – 4 jari
  6. Tidak pernah sakit dari kecil
  7. Kalau bisa ada tajinya lebih bagus lagi
  8. Bulu ayam yang mengkilat

Ciri-ciri induk ayam jantan yang bagus

  1. Kepala yang seperti buah pinang
  2. Tulang kepala yang tebal dengan alis menjorok keluar
  3. Tulang leher yang rapat
  4. Kepak sayap ayam merapat ke badan
  5. Paruh ayam melengkung sepeti paruh burung elang dan juga agak panjang
  6. Kaki ayam dan sisik yang kering
  7. Jari kaki ayam halus dan panjang
  8. Tulang ekor ayam(tulang sapit udang) rapat dan juga keras
  9. Memiliki kokok yang besar
  10. Bulu ayam mengkilat
  11. Mempunyai badan ayam yang bulat seperti batang buah pinang
  12. Mempunyai tulang ayam yang kokoh dan juga tegak seperti elang

Usahakanlah dari anak ayam sampai pada ayam dewasa dalam proses pemberian pakan harus memenuhi kebutuhan ayam sesuai dengan umur. Ayam yang terpenuhi nilai pakannya tidak akan pernah sakit dan ini merupakan sebuah modal utama untuk menjadi ayam petarung yang tangguh.

Umur induk jantan baru bisa diambil keturunannya sesudah berumur 1 tahun 5 bulan ataupun sesudah mengalami satu kali masa mabung/ganti bulu dan untuk induk betina sesudah 4 kali masa bertelur. Tapi pengalaman yang saya bisai makin tua induk jantan atau induk betina semakin bagus, selagi induk tersebut masih produktif dan masih mau kawin.

Melatih ayam aduan bangkok menjadi jagoan tarung, juga memerlukan latihan supaya bisa meningkatkan kemampuan pada saat bertanding. Latihan kepada ayam laga bangkok aduan meliputi 2 sisi yaitu sisi pelatihan fisik dan pelatihan mental. Tujuan utama dari latihan fisik ialah memperkuat kualitas otot, tenaga, dan stamina. Sedangkan sisi mental ialah meningkatkan keberanian saat bertanding dan menambah pengalaman dalam bertanding pada saat menghadapi lawan tarungnya.

Cara melatih ayam bisa meliputi seperti latihan leber, latihan badan, latihan berenang, latihan sayap, latihan kaki dan latihan lainnya. Latihan yang cukup , juga tidak akan efektif kalau tidak diimbangi dengan pakan yang seimbang seperti dengan pemberian gizi yang kaya karbohidrat, pemberian jamu , suplemen, dan memberikan waktu istirahat cukup kepada adu ayam supaya bisa memiliki tenaga. Anda juga tidak boleh melupakan latihan untuk otot, otot  bisa di bentuk dengan memberikan extra protein sejurus dengan latihan pembentukan otot yang sesuai dengan usia ayam.

Latihan fisik biasanya dilakukan 40 hari sebelum ayam turun ke arena aduan. Ada empat anggota tubuh sabung ayam yang perlu dilatih secara rutin itu badan, leher, kaki, dan juga sayap.

Latihan leher dan juga badan dilakukan dengan cara memutar leher beserta badan ayam ke kiri dan kanan masing-masing 20 putaran dengan durasi 1 detik per ronde.  Cara ini leher ayam akan menjadi lentur dan juga mudah menekuk saat mencari kepala lawan serta badan ayam menjadi terbiasa berputar saat bertarung nanti.

Latihan kaki ayam cukup dengan menekan punggung ayam ke arah bawah sambil mendorong ke depan sebanyak 20 kali per hari.

Untuk melatih sayapnya, angkat badan ayam setinggi-tingginya dengan kedua tangan, satu tangan memegang dada ayam dan juga satu tangan lagi memegang sayap. Lalu, lepaskan tangan di dada ayam sambil tangan satunya ikut diturunkan ke bawah searah dengan jatuhnya ayam. Lakukan sebanyak 10—15 kali.

Selanjutnya, efek dari melatih mentalnya, latihlah ayam dengan menjajalnya bertarung dengan ayam aduan lain. Semakin banyak latihan bertarung, akan semakin baik kemampuan, keberanian, dan juga pengalamannya menghadapi lawan. Latih jajal ini bisa dilakukan 6—10 hari sekali selama 40 hari sebelum bertarung di arena aduan.

Melatih pukulan ayam menjadi lebih Keras dan juga Bertenaga merupakan syarat ayam aduan menjadi juara dengan sabung ayam aduan yang memiliki tenaga yang tidak ada habisnya akan melontarkan pukulan dengan bobot pukulan stabil dari awal ronde sampai dengan ronde akhir.

Dalam hal ini, Ayam aduan yang kehabisan tenaga dikarenakan otot tidak mampu bekerja secara maksimal hal itu dikarenakan sumber energi pada ayam telah habis. Baik dari akibat kesalahan dalam perawatan di saat sebelum ayam bertarung ataupun ayam sehabis latihan berat. Oleh karena itu persiapan sebelum ayam diturunkan ke arena bisa menjadi penentu dari sebuah pertandingan diarena.

Untuk menambah power dan juga meningkatkan bobot pukulan yang stabil, hendaknya ayam sebelum bertarung membiasakan asupan gizi yang seimbang antara karbohidrat, dan juga lemak. Karena pada awal pertarungan ayam memperoleh energi dari karbohidrat dan juga lemak bersamaan dalam jumlah yang sama.

Apabila aktivitas otot bekerja sangat berat, sumber energi utamanya adalah karbohidrat namun, sesudah ayam bekerja lebih lama, lemak akan memegang peranan penting dari pada karbohidrat oleh karena itu cadangan lemak dalam tubuh ayam digunakan sebagai aktivitas pertahanan pada saat bertarung. Adapun cara menambah power dan juga bobot pukulan ayam supaya menerima tenaga yang cukup adalah sebagai berikut:

Sebelum ayam bertanding persiapkan dulu selama 7 hari/satu minggu dengan diawali latihan yang banyak menguras tenaga namun tidak menimbulkan cidera/luka dan juga sesudah itu berilah makanan yang banyak mengandung tinggi lemak , tinggi protein namun rendah karbohidrat. Adapun jenis makanannya bisa berupa:

Ikan, daging, ataupun susu. Namun yang terbaik untuk ayam adalah daging/daging kambing yang bisa diberikan secara mentah/bisa direbus dulu. Makanan daging tersebut bisa diberikan selama 3 hari berturut turut. Kemudian dilanjutkan pemberian dari jenis makanan yang mengandung tinggi karbohidrat bisa berupa jagung yang diberikan berturut-turut selama 3 hari dan juga lakukanlah latihan yang sangat ringan serta sesudah itu ayam diberikan istirahat total selama 3 hari baru ayam dibawa ke arena.

Selain pemberian jenis makanan seperti di atas, bisa anda berikan glukosa/gula aren ataupun dengan madu yang berfungsi sebagai sumber energi apabila glikogen tubuh telah habis.Dalam rangka ingin menambah bobot pukulan juga bisa dilakukan dengan pelatihan fisik, cara melatih pukulan ayam aduan supaya lebih keras dan juga bertenaga diantaranya ialah:

Ayam dilatih melompat lompat,fungsi dari teknik ini ialah membuat kekuatan kaki ayam jadi lebih kuat. Ayam yang kakinya kuat akan membuat pukulannya jadi kuat pula. Selain itu,melatih lompatan ayam akan membuat kebugaran tubuh lebih meningkat.

Ayam di biarkan bergerak bebas,ataupun istilahnya ayam diumbar di tempat yang luas. Usahakan ayam bergerak dengan leluasa dan juga bebas. Teknik ini berfungsi untuk membuat kekuatan tubuh ayam menjadi lebih meningkat dan juga tentunya stamina ayam menjadi lebih jago.

Ayam diberi barbel,fungsi dari teknik ini ialah supaya kekuatan otot otot kaki ayam menjadi lebih kuat.

Ayam dilatih berenang  memang berenang ini berfungsi untuk membuat gerakan kaki ayam menjadi lebih lincah.

Semasa ayam tahap latihan yang bertujuan untuk memperbesar otot-otot ayam tersebut supaya memiliki bobot pukulan yang mantap namun apabila ayam sudah dalam masa persiapan, rawatlah ayam dengan teratur dan juga berikanlah makanan yang dibutuhkan dengan memperhatikan nilai gizi yang tepat.

Pemberian gizi pada ayam aduan dalam aktivitas latihan ataupun bertarung merupakan sesuatu yang harus dilakukan apabila ayam aduan ingin memperoleh perkembangan fisik secara maksimal untuk meraih prestasi. Hal ini dapat anda belajar melalui menonton rekaman cara berternak video ayam petarung yang ada pada channel youtube. Di sana anda dapat mengetahui cara yang benar untuk memelihara seekor ayam aduan yang jago.


I. Mobile Casino Malaysia – MBA66 – Basic Knowledge

MBA66 is an online mobile casino Malaysia – slots, live casino, and sports betting

Mobile casino Malaysia, over 200,000 Malaysia customers betting Slot Games and Live Dealer Casino from Newtown and 12Win as well as sports betting from IBC in MBA66 (Licensed Casino Company) which everyone payment is promised. This mobile casino Malaysia is awarded since year 2010 as best gambling company.

MBA66 – Promotions & Bonuses

1. Gateway To Best Online Casino Malaysia

Walk through an easy registration and be one of their precious members right from now. Bet together with over 200,000 players in Malaysia and enjoy world class casino which you would be showered with unlimited promotions, rewards, and bonuses.

2. Secured, Trusted, And Guaranteed Payments

MBA66 recognized across Malaysia with the most secured way to pay which promised everyone single payments for customer through a trusted payment gateway. MBA66 – a prestigious mobile casino Malaysia would never miss your payments.

3. Mobile Betting In Malaysia

After years of development by our R&D teams, today we are proud to introduce a newly innovated mobile version gambling platform to Malaysia.

Malaysian Most Favourite Online Casino

MBA66 achieved the title of Malaysian Most Favourite Online Casino by the year of 2015 as we hit over 200,000 customers across Malaysia.

II. Mobile Casino Malaysia – MBA66 – Promotions

1. Slot Games Unlimited Rebate 0.3%

  • Every active member is entitled to 0.3% cash rebate on their whole amount wagered in just all slot games.
  • The least payout for the cash rebate is MYR 6 and there is no maximum payout limit. There is also no rollover necessary for withdrawal to be made.
  • All bets on draw result, and cancelled or voided games or bet on both opposite sides would not be taken into the amount wagered calculation in Slot Games.
  • The rebates amount would be automatically credited into member’s account main wallet every Tuesday.
  • This mobile casino Malaysia has right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players.
  • All offers from MBA66 are restricted to just one free account per individual, household address, family, telephone number, email address, IP address, and bank account.
  • General Terms of Use and Promotions Terms & Conditions apply.

2. Live Casino Unlimited Cash Rebate 0.7%

  • Every active member of this mobile casino Malaysia are entitled to 0.7% cash rebate on their entire amount wagered in just all live casino.
  • The least payout for the cash rebate is MYR 6 and there is no maximum payout limit. No rollover would be necessary for withdrawal.
  • All bets on draw result, and cancelled or voided games or bet on both opposite sides would not be taken into the amount wagered in live casino calculation.
  • Live Casino Blackjack and Hold’em games are not entitled for cash rebates.
  • The rebates amount would be credited into the account main wallet of members automatically every Tuesday.
  • This mobile casino Malaysia has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players.

3. Everyday 10% Bonus

  • This bonus is valid to every active member.
  • The members are required to deposit at least MYR30. Members would be loaded with a 10% promotion per deposit made. Each member could just claim the promotion one time per day. This is the maximum promotion payout for a deposit made in MYR666.
  • The bonus and deposit amount need to be rolled over ten times before any withdrawal could be made.


– Rollover requirement (MYR3 + MYR30) x 10 = MYR330.

– Bonus MYR30 x 10% = MYR3

– First Deposit MYR30

  • Draw results, both sides betting, cancelled or voided game or bets placed that contains choices of odds less than Decimal odds (0.5 or 1.50) and any bet on “Sportsbook’s Numbers Game” or “4D” are not included in rollover calculation. Betting from Blackjack and Poker would not be included in rollover calculation as well.
  • This deposit bonus could use together with any other bonus.
  • This mobile casino Malaysia has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players.
  • All offers from MBA66 are restricted to just one free account per individual, household address, family, telephone number, email address, IP address, and bank account.
  • General Terms of Use and Promotions Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Turnover/rollover requirement would be voided once the balance is under MYR10.

4. Sportsbook Unlimited Rebate 0.25%

This is the last but also an important bonus (promotion) offered by this mobile  casino online malaysia that I would like to introduce in this entire article and you should not skip.

  • All active members of this mobile casino Malaysia are entitled to 0.25% cash rebate on their entire amount wagered in just all Sportsbook.
  • The least amount of payout for the cash rebate is MYR 6 and there is no maximum payout limit. There would be also no rollover necessary for withdrawal to be made.
  • All bets on draw result, cancelled or voided games or bet on both opposite sides would not be taken into the amount wagered in Sportsbook calculation. Bets placed that contains options of Decimal odds (odds less than 0.5 or 1.50). The rollover would be counted just half of the betting amount for any result ended with lose or win by half amount.
  • The rebates amount would be credited into the main wallet account of members’ account automatically every Tuesday.
  • This mobile casino Malaysia has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players.
  • All offers from MBA66 are restricted to just one free account per individual, household address, family, telephone number, email address, IP address, and bank account.
  • General Terms of Use and Promotions Terms & Conditions apply.

Tetapkan Target Anda Lewat Video Ayam Petarung

Jika anda sedang melatih ayam anda untuk menjadi ayam pertarung, maka salah satu yang bisa anda lakukan adalah dengan melihat video ayam petarung. Ya, kini memang ada banyak sekali media video yang bisa kita saksikan secara streaming online. Isi dari video tersebut juga memang beragam tidak hanya pertandingan melulu. Ada beberapa hal penting lainnya yang memang bisa kita saksikan salah satunya seperti cara merawat dan melatih ayam dengan baik dan benar. Melatih ayam dengan baik dan benar memang butuh banyak perjuangan. Nah, dengan mendownload video bisa menjadi salah satu pengorbanan yang memang bisa kita lakukan dengan mudah.

Permainan apapun termasuk sabung memang perlu memiliki target yang jelas. Jika anda memiliki target, maka kemudian anda bisa mendapatkan beragam upaya yang bisa anda lakukan untuk bisa mendapatkan target tersebut. Memang ada beberapa strategi tertentu yang bisa anda mainkan sampai kemudian anda mendapatkan salah satu permainan yang memang layak untuk anda pilih.

Sabung sendiri memang bisa menjadi salah satu yang bisa anda mainkan apalagi ini adalah salah satu yang menjadi warisan leluhur. Anda bisa mainkan permainan ini dengan penuh pertimbangan dan juga mengerti beberapa hal yang memang harus anda pahami dengan baik. Jika anda tidak bisa memahaminya dengan baik, maka biasanya akan mendapatkan kesulitan untuk memainkannya.

Tentukan Target Kondisi Ayam

Jika anda melihat video dengan tujuan untuk bisa mendapatkan target yang cukup dalam permainan, maka anda bisa melakukan pelatian pada ayam dengan baik. Ya, latihan ayam memang menjadi modal penting yang harus anda lakukan pada ayam agar kemudian ayam bisa menjadi seperti yang kita inginkan. Jika ayam tidak menjadi seperti yang kita inginkan, maka kemudian biasanya ada banyak hal salah dalam melatih ayam. Meskipun kita memilih ayam dengan bibit khusus petarung, namun hal yang harus kita ketahui adalah sebaiknya kita tahu dan mengerti banyak hal tentang cara merawat dan melatihnya dengan tepat.

Tentukan Target Kemenangan

Hal penting lainnya yang harus anda targetkan adalah dimana anda sebaiknya menentukan target tentang kemenangan. Ya, anda bisa melatih ayam anda dengan beberapa konsep latihan terbaik dengan beberapa ayam lain yang anda miliki. Namun demikian pada saat latihan ini, anda jangan terlalu fokus pada kemenangan, yang penting ayam anda memang sudha terlatih. Jika ayam anda terlatih, maka kemudian anda bisa mendapatkan potensi kemenangan yang cukup besar nantinya.

Bahkan selain itu, anda juga bisa memikirkan beberapa target lain untuk mengikutsertakan ayam anda dalam pertandingan yang bergengsi yang bisa mengangkat derajat ayam anda. Bahkan tidak hanya itu derajat anda juga akan meningkat. Semua itu bisa dengan mudah dilakukan hanya dengan menggunakan media video ayam petarung.

3 Tips to Play Pontoon Malaysia online casino

It could probably say that the exotic variant of blackjack is Pontoon game which is commonly offered at Malaysia online casino for player’s choices of gameplay. In fact, the Pontoon is quite seemed to follow the same principles of normal blackjack. By which the number of these two games might be differed. Some Malaysia online casino players might ever view that the Pontoon is provided small winning chances than the regular blackjack. Here below is a short detail of how the Pontoon casino game would be another one selective casino games to pick in the upcoming round.

 How the Pontoon Game Online Casino Works: Similar to the common Blackjack game which the player would need to select a bet prior to launch the game. Once the player has already chosen, then the dealer will give another 2 facing up cards to the player and of course another 2 facing down cards for the dealer. Only if the player can form a value in hand greater than the dealer’s value and not exceeding 21, then the player would win the gameplay. On top of that, like in the advance blackjack game that the player would be able to decide to surrender in order to double down or to take insurance. This game’s option is also offered in Pontoon game as well. Since the game’s rule is quite the same as blackjack, great blue therefore it is mostly picked and play widely by many new players.

 How to differentiate the Pontoon and Common Blackjack Game Online Casino: Even though these 2 games, Blackjack and Pontoon is quite similar to each other, there would be some difference that lead the Pontoon game to have a lower wining chances to the players than the common blackjack. For instance, the player in Pontoon game would not be allowed to ask for a new card once his or her initial hand value is just worth at 14 or lower. Unlike in the common Blackjack game that is no restriction to proceed so. On the other hand, if the player in Pontoon game has hold either 3 or 4 cards, he or she can decide to double down. In contrast with Blackjack game which it would only be possible to double down the initial 2 cards. Consequently, it is somehow proven that the Pontoon game has also provided the advantage to the players as well.

 How to win in Pontoon Game Online Casino: Once the player can form a hand with 5 cards which is not greater than 21, then he or she would be the winner of that particular gameplay. Nevertheless, to group 5 card trick is not just easy but it could let the player to beat the dealer even if the dealer has 21 worth value in his hand. In contrast with the Blackjack game online casino which the 5 card trick would not be supported. By the way, the player should bear in mind that a tie in Pontoon game is a loss. For instance, a tie is meant for a push to let the player earn his or her wager back while in Pontoon, most of the time, the dealer would win once the player call a tie.

How to Play Craps Game on mobile casino Malaysia

One of the most popular casino games at mobile casino Malaysia is of course the Craps game which is not only fun-filled, good payout but also so excited and not much complicated to understand. That might be the reason why this craps game would commonly be picked by both new players and the expertise players at mobile casino Malaysia. Similar to any other casino games online, craps is one to be offered in mobile platform in order to let players to easy play on their preferred smartphones or their portable tablets as well. Then, it would be best to share some useful guides regarding to how the mobile craps gameplay works and which craps bonus the players should not miss and bring more winning chances in their hands.

 How to play craps game on compatible device: Since mobile casino games have been launched in the market for 3 – 4 years ago, mobile craps game is the one that most picked to put as favor games to the players on mobile devices as the first games in mobile platform. That is because the craps gameplay is not needed to have some graphically to add on. Then, in order to play craps on compatible device, the player would be asked to register at any particular mobile casino first. Later on, the player would be allowed to enter in their preferred casino games just the same as what they have ever made for the access of personal computer. Basically, playing mobile craps is quite no difference from the common online casino.

 How to play craps on iOS or Android mobile platform: Presently many leading online casino websitewould also offer mobile game like craps gameplay by which some has been supported to run on all iOS platform either it would be iPhone or iPad. Nevertheless, there would also be some online casino sites which have not yet served for playing on compatible devices. Or sometime the online casino sites have been able to supported mobile games on iOS but that particular crab game would not be on their list. Therefore, prior to register new gaming account at any particular online casino site or mobile casino app, the players might need to check on their availability of game selection. Additionally, the players should also ensure that an online casino is in good quality by taking an account on their graphics and visual features. On the other hand, that particular online casino or mobile casino should be free of bug and error by naturally.

 Which craps bonuses to be given on mobile platform?: In practical, many mobile casino apps would offer the free play crap bonuses for the players to practice and trial before placing the real money.  It is undeniable that the great benefit of mobile craps is of course the convenience to play whenever the internet has been connected. On top of that mobile craps gameplay are more excited than what have been played on personal computers like before. As the mobile craps gameplay has influenced the player by touchscreen and it feel just real than common personal computer.