Dolphin Slots Guideline

Public by Novomatic, Dolphin slot brings you to the center of the deep blue sea. Dolphin slot of online gambling Malaysia is considered as one of the most well-known submarine themed slots with fascinating sounds and cool graphics along with several pleasant surprises. During this oceanic adventure of Dolphin slot with 5 reels and 9 pay-lines, players will see a number of underwater creatures; however, the things that you will discover are the dolphin and its magic oyster hiding the pearl inside. If you find it is not attracting enough, you can watch the free spin feature.

How to Play Dolphin slot

Before launching Dolphin slot of slot machine Malaysia, players are required to fix the desired number of pay-lines as well as the coin value. The coin denomination ranges between $0.05 and $10 and you can determine the preferred amount by pressing + and – icons. The Dolphin slot in casino online Malaysia is experienced at 9 flexible pay-lines and gamers need the minimum of three matching symbols from left to right. While being triggered, the auto-play button is activate until you stop it. After each win, you can gamble the prize choosing a red or black card. The odds of winning are 50-50 to double your win or to lose all the payout. Afterward, You can hit autoplay or start button in order to launch the game,

great blue slots

Betting Options and Payout

You can set the wager for Dolphin slot from $0.05 up to $10 per line, meaning that the minimum stake when all the lines are active is $0.45 and the maximum stake is $90. The max jackpot of Dolphin slot is 81,000 coins and it is rewarded once you obtain 5 dolphins on the reels with all the lines active. The focal point of the Dolphin slot in Casino Online Malaysia is the multiplier feature since you can double or triple your award with the wild symbol or during the free spin feature, respectively.

Symbols and Extra Features

It is common for us that dolphins are friendly creatures. That is the reason why Dolphin Slot is evaluated as one of the most popular online gambling Malaysia. The wild is shown by the dolphin while the oyster with a pearl serves as the scatter symbol. Except from those mentioned, the other symbols are performed by the lobster, the stingray, the fish and the seahorse. The wild replaces all the icons apart from the scatter and finish the winning combinations multiplying all the wins by two. Two scatters multiply your wager x2 while three of them bring you 15 free spins. In addition, all the wins during the free spin feature are multiplied by 3. Moreover, during the free spins, you are able to get even more free rounds when the oysters with a pearl achieving your reels. You might find yourself praying the machine to stop it because every time three oysters occur on the reels you are rewarded with additional 15 free spins.

Our Verdict

When you have 3 oysters anywhere on the reels, you can dramatically increase your credit playing this online gambling Malaysia. Although the graphics of Dolphin slot are simple, the music and the sound effects are not really creative, the good old dolphin and its pearl will not make you disappointed.

Appreciate Online Slot Machine Malaysia at Home.

Numerous individuals need to experience extraordinary sensation at genuine sumptuous gambling club and take a gander at ravishing opening machines in actuality yet they have no enough condition. At present, it is not an issue any more drawn out on the grounds that the improvement of Internet system that has changed all things. These days, individuals can sit at home into free and agreeable space to interface and appreciate slot machine Malaysia that is not very unique in relation to reality.

Slot machine games is a framework designed and created to help everybody have an indistinguishable affair from playing in the genuine club space. Through Internet, genuine opening machines into club imitated by and by with the ideal capacity that enhance client’s inclination.


Online space machine Malaysia gives arrangement of online opening diversions from a wide range of viewpoints. Players are conceivable to make a wager like in a genuine gambling club furthermore get cash as much cash as their fortune could. The interest and fascination of a genuine space machine is a key thing that opening machine utilizing Internet conveying to individuals. It is valid and distinctive!

A ton of player have much uneasiness of the reasonable and objectivity when partaking in wagering of slot machine Malaysia. In any case, you needn’t bother with that since player’s advantages and expect is put on the principal, it supplies visitors the security of cash and the reasonable of playing. With the affirmation of keeping private all data of player, you don’t have anything to be anxious and terrified, simply wagering and hitting the win.

The coming of online opening machine Malaysia has contracted the separation amongst individuals and betting, particularly the individuals who have never had opportunity to come and see a genuine club, their fantasy works out as expected through these online machines. In the event that you are one among them, why not discovering it now. I trust that you will have feeling like you are in your own gambling club.

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A lots fun and amazing prizes are waiting you to explore with casino online Malaysia

If you are a huge lover of betting game, it is not wrong as I say, casino online Malaysia will be the most reasonable option for you. Today, in the gambling world, casino online Malaysia becomes one of the most famous systems which provides many surprising online casinos for many gamers in the world especially those who like the betting genre. Furthermore, it is a collection of more than 300 online casinos which are offered by many different software corporations in the world, so with casino online Malaysia, you can freely select for yourself any casino and join if you want. I think it is a surprising choice that you should not miss in this season.


What is casino online Malaysia?

Like I said above, casino online Malaysia is a collection of over 300 surprising online casino which come from the most software corporation in the world. You can be assured about Malaysia’s online casinos since all of them are the most famous casinos which are checked in all aspect for the quality, the safety, the realiability and the fairness by the testing organizations in the world before providing for players. Hence, with casino online Malaysia, you do not need to worry about anything like being trick. It will bring you the most authentic betting experience, the interesting moments and the opportunity to win the valuable prizes.

Conditions to participate in casino online Malaysia

All people who are more than 18 years old can sign up online casino sites in Malaysia simply. Nonetheless, there are some casino sites require you have to be non-Muslims.

Why you should select casino online Malaysia instead of other options?

It is not natural, I introduce to you about casino online Malaysia, it is a great option to relax and have fun with many great factors.

Firtly, casino online Malaysia accepts various forms of payment strategies

To bring the most convenience to players all over the world as they sign up on Malaysia’s online casinos, it accepts various forms of payment methods. Hence, most of common methods like VIP, VVIP, money, PayPal…will be accepted in casino online Malaysia.

Secondly, casino online Malaysia brings you the opportunity to enjoy many sorts of betting

Come to casino online Malaysia, you can comfortably choose for yourself one in the most surprising online casinos of Malaysia in many sorts such as such as table casino games, sports gambling, slot machines, horse racing… to enjoy, relax, and have fun anytime you want with your networked mobile phone.

Thirdly, casino online Malaysia bring you the opportunity to get rich quickly

With casino online Malaysia, if you participate in effectively and reasonably, you can become a winner and win the surprising prizes which have similar values to prizes of the costly casinos. Now, joining casino and becoming rich become simply with casino online Malaysia.

A lot of fun and many opportunities to get more and more money are waiting for you, let’s participate in casino online Malaysia and explore them, I think you will be satisfied. Welcome!

Great blue – excellent product of the Playtech that you should not miss

In case you’re feeling stress after persevering days, on the off chance that you feel you require an appropriate answer for unwind and engage in the unforgiving summer, in case you’re searching for a diversion which will help you decrease push, I will acquaint you with an awesome amusement that is extraordinary blue. Great blue is an incredible wagering diversion for your late spring, and it is a wagering amusement with cool sea topic. I ensure when you pick awesome blue to engage, you will feel loose promptly. Things being what they are, how to participate in awesome blue successfully, unwind, engage and turn into a victor with extraordinary prizes?


Something you ought to know obviously about awesome blue

Great Blue is an incredible result of the Playtech – a creator of a progression of normal amusements, which are greatly adored and it has 5 reels and 25 payline video spaces. When you participate in this wagering diversion, you will be shocked by the novelty of it, it is a wagering amusement with sea subject, you may experience the components of the customary wagering diversion as the elements, the catches, yet all the rest of the components are totally new, and they are intended to the topic of the sea. When you begin this amusement, you will experience numerous charming images which are composed like the marine life, besides, both the music and shading in this diversion are exceptionally tender and cool, I’m certain you will be happy with it. What’s more, the quality and the security of awesome blue are checked precisely by prestigious associations on the planet, so you can appreciate this diversion serenely.

The most effective method to participate in extraordinary blue adequately

To have the capacity to take an interest in this wagering diversion successfully and increment your odds of turning into a victor, initially, you should find out about it expressly. All data about amusements from diversion rules, amusement highlights, amusement images and amusement reward to how to wager, you have to study and know obviously, this is the best path for you to participate in this amusement adequately and respond to every single unforeseen circumstance which dependably exist and show up whenever of the recreations of shot.

Furthermore, ensure you attempt to play awesome blue before you put your cash into it formally. Every supplier will give players the trial which they can partake in uninhibitedly. This is a decent open door for you to get used to this amusement and have a target see on it. Thus, you ought to take an interest in the trial, it is vital.

The last, awesome blue is an extraordinary amusement which gives you the chance to end up a victor, yet in any case, it is additionally a session of shot, so you ought not hazard and wager your whole cash. Due to in an unfortunate minute, in the event that you lose a bet, you may lose all.

In general

Incredible blue is an awesome wagering amusement which is pulling in a ton of players around the globe. What’s more, it is a cool diversion that should attempt in this hot summer. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? How about we select awesome blue and appreciate now.


妊娠中に15kgも太ってしまった為、お腹どころか背中にまでぷよぷよ脂肪がついてしまいました… 歩き方が綺麗、後ろ姿が綺麗など、顔は褒められなくとも(涙)妊娠前は姿勢などを褒められていました。


「なんか後ろ姿がオバサンになったね(笑)」 お腹が大きくなるにつれ、綺麗に歩くなんて出来るわけもなく、体重も増える一方 主人の「オバサン」という一言。


今は汚名返上の為にダイエットに励んでいますが、一度ついた背中のお肉はなかなか落ちない… お腹は落ちてきたのになんで!? 体重のおかげで足も太くなりコンプレックスになりました。


お金があればCMをやっている某スポーツクラブに通うのにー!!!! 自力で全身納得できる体型になれる日など来るのでしょうか…

Four reasons that you should not miss Malaysia online casino

Malaysia’s casinos have attracted many players in the world for a long time, especially rich players who have endless passion for gambling. So if you are not a rich player, have solutions that can help you if you also want to participate in casino games? If you’re wondering and finding out a solution, I’ll give you a hint, it is Malaysia online casino. With Malaysia online casino, you do not need too much money you can still participate in online casino games comfortably and have many chances to become the winner of big rewards.


About Malaysia online casino

Malaysia online casino is the common name of more than one hundred and fifty great online casinos which are introduced and provided by the leading software companies in the world. With Malaysia online casino, you don’t need to spend much time and money to get to the luxury casino, you just stay at your home, and you can still play gambling at the quality casino which has interfaces, air and awards like in the real casino. So, if you are still in doubt, you should read four reasons that I will list below, you will surely be convinced.

Four reasons why you should not miss Malaysia online casino

The first reason, these games of Malaysia online casino are safe online casino. In the world of online game, you can easily select and participate in any online game, however, in order to choose the safe game which will never cheat you. It is a difficult problem. If you choose Malaysia online casino, you will have the opportunity to choose one of more than a hundred and fifty safe online casinos which are not only monitored by the government closely, but also are tested carefully by the prestigious organizations. You can completely trust in Malaysia online casino.

The second reason, with Malaysia online casino, you can easily participate in many game genres from online casino games, gambling games to betting games. You will be immersed and experienced the online games which are designed in a similar way as in the real casinos on the interface, graphics and symbols. Come to Malaysia online casino, you will be experienced the most authentic experience.

The third reason is the great prizes. Whether you play any category, then your goal is still the prize. Coming to Malaysia online casino, you can be assured of this. Although the games of Malaysia online casino is the online casino games, so if you participate in it effectively, you still have the opportunity to own the valuable prizes and earn great income for yourself.

The last reason, now with Malaysia online casino, you do not need to be a rich man, you just need a bit of spare time and a little money and you can fully participate in the luxury games, and become a great winner.

In short

If you are not a wealthy and have powerful passion for casino games, Malaysia online casino is exactly for you. So, do not doubt, start as soon as possible, it will definitely make you happy.

Demo Great Blue Slots Online Free

Regardless of the fact that the summer season is in full swing or you’re freezing in the winter, Playtech Great Blue slot game is certainly the way to keep you entertained. This 5 reel and 25 payline presents a series of friendly aquatic creatures as well as a wild symbol, a free spins bonus, and a bonus bet. E ‘more than enough to make the passage of time under the sea.

demo great blue slots online free

The slot game Great Blue is a fanciful creation offered by Playtech, with which he gives a nice representation of the marine world and fauna that populates. The gaming environment is enhanced by outstanding graphics component accompanied by sound effects that will immerse the player in an environment, fun and also exciting because of the many opportunities to create winning combinations.

Gaming resources

There are many gaming resources that can allow the player to achieve winnings, such as Wild and Scatter symbols, Free Spins with a multiplier of winning, the special function “Gamble” with which you can double your winnings obtained. The slot Great Blue winning percentage is over 90%, so the winnings that can be achieved are numerous and also very frequent.


The online slots game has 5 reels and 25 pay lines on which to run the betting in order to achieve one of the 28 possible winning combinations. The game settings are very simple and accessible for those who are not very familiar with the world of SCR 888 online gambling.

Betting option

To determine the number of paylines to bet on, users must click on the “Lines”. To fix the value of the bet, the player must click on the button “Bet to Line”.

To perform bet the maximum amount, you can also click the “Bet Max” button.

Activating the game

To start the Great Blue free slot, you must click the “Spin” button. If you want to start a game session automatically “mode”, after fixing the number of rounds to play, you have to click on the “AutoStart”. In order to inspect the winning combinations and the amounts that can be collected, the user can click the “Info.”

Symbols and Images Slot

During the revolutions of the rollers, users will be able to combine them with a series of symbols that are part of the world that inspired the online slots, like the Shark, the Tortoise, the ‘Orca Killer, the Star, the Seahorse , fish, shell with the pearl and the usual poker cards, such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. The Orca Killer in Great Blue slot game is also a wild symbol that replaces any symbol on the display except the Scatter symbol and it lets you double the value of the winnings obtained.

Scatter bonus and activated The Conch is a scatter symbol. If the player during the game sessions, displays two or more Scatter symbols activates the game of Free Spins with a multiplier bonus.

Free spins

The free spins bonus is triggered, if you get hit 3 or more Scatter symbols. In this phase of the game, the player switches to a screen where you must select two shells of 5. Start the Bonus with 8 free spins with a multiplier that doubles the value of the winnings. In addition, the winnings thanks to the presence of hidden multipliers in selected shells, are added to the free spins with the bonus.

The maximum number of free spins that can be exploited at slot Great Blue by the player is 33 and the maximum multiplier obtainable allows you to pay your winnings 15 times the bet. At a time when the special function “Gamble is awarded a payout, it enables”.

Gamble feature

If the player accepts to access this mode of play, it will be moved to another screen where you propose a card which you have to guess the color, choosing between red and black.

If you guess correctly, you double the value of the winnings made during the main slot game Great Blue. Otherwise it is lost the entire amount of funds. We can do is wish you good fun, inviting you to a moderate and responsible gaming, because the gambling is just entertainment.